unWISE coadds: pick your access method

Note: this form allows only the simplest kind of single RA,Dec search and returns full tiles. For postage stamps, see below. Adding the ability to do postage-stamp cutouts for a list of sources is a to-do item. Please feel free to email us at query@unwise.me with any questions or problems you encounter. Thanks!

Cone Search for Tiles:

Coordinates example: "45 17" (decimal degrees), "12:57:10.4 -43:65:10" (hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss).

radius is in addition to the tile size, so to find the tile containing your coordinate, set the radius to zero.

Note: the NeoWISE-R1 and NeoWISE-R2 versions ONLY contain W1 and W2 images. The AllWISE version contains W1, W2, W3 and W4.

The unWISE coadds are on the same tile centers as the WISE Atlas Images.
They are about 1.6 degrees wide (2048 pixels at 2.75" for unWISE).

The "NeoWISE-R1" version is described in Meisner et al 2016, arXiv:1603.05664, and includes data from the original WISE mission as well as the NeoWISE-Reactivation Year 1 data. It also has better artifact removal than the "AllWISE" version. The "AllWISE" version is described in Lang 2014, arXiv:1405.0308, and includes data from the original WISE mission.

Get a Cutout:

File types included:
Inverse-variance of image
Number of exposures in coadd
Standard deviation of exposures
Returns a .tar.gz file of FITS cutouts, for all tiles overlapping the given RA,Dec

Maximum cutout size is 1024 pixels.

Note that you can script this up pretty easily: just request a URL like:
version takes value neo2, neo1 or allwise.
To select a subset of the file types, add &file_img_m=on, &file_invvar_m=on, &file_n_m=on, or &file_std_m=on to the URL.

Do it yourself:

FITS table of available tiles and Direct file access

Example: to download all images covering SDSS Stripe 82:

wget http://unwise.me/data/allwise/unwise-coadds/fulldepth/tiles.fits
fitscopy tiles.fits"[dec>-1.6 && dec<1.6]" stripe82-tiles.fits
tablist stripe82-tiles.fits"[col coadd_id]" | tail +3 | awk '{print $2}' \
  | awk '{printf "wget -r -nH --cut-dirs=1 -c http://unwise.me/data/neo3/unwise-coadds/fulldepth/%s/%s/unwise-%s-w1-img-m.fits\n", substr($1,0,3),$1,$1}' \
  > download.sh
chmod 755 download.sh