SDSS/WISE forced photometry search

(This is the SDSS collaboration-only version; go to public version)

Note: this form allows only the simplest kind of RA,Dec search. Supporting large, long-running queries over the web is just too much of a pain. If you want to run a more complicated query, please feel free to email us at and we'll see what we can do. Please describe as precisely as possible the kind of cut you'd like to do; eg, "I'd like all SDSS point sources with i-z > 2, i and z errors < 0.2 mag". Thanks!

Cone Search:

Coordinates example: "45 17" (decimal degrees), "12:57:10.4 -43:65:10" (hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss).

RA,Dec Box Search:

Search radius limits:
  1 degree for "Flat FITS table" searches
  10 degrees for "SDSS fields in range"
  No limit for WISE tiles.

  DR10 Public; uses SDSS DR10 photometry
  DR13 Collab-only; uses SDSS "v5b" or "pre-DR13" photometry
  eBOSS Collab-only; the version we used for eBOSS and SEQUELS targeting; uses "v5b" photometry

Password hint: either the original SDSS password relating to the number of CCDs in the camera, or the SDSS-IV password relating to the aperture of the telescope.

Do it yourself:

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